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Gamified Features

The only limit is your imagination.


For the funnel Creator, setting up an ad can be done in a few steps.

Users can then filter and view ads by category.

To increase ad popularity, it needs engagement - comments, reactions, shares on social media. Prosperity Diamonds can be earned as rewards for actions on an ad.

Gamified Flow

Live Webinar Rooms

This feature comes with a webinar control panel where you can set your own buttons and customize the user experience.

Easily integrate your Zoom account or use our own live stream hosting and link it to the app.

Youtube Embedding

A Creator can post a YouTube video and leverage the app to set a reward action

Users can earn a reward for liking videos, subscribing to a channel, or even by simply watching a full video

Calendar Scheduler

Set event schedules with push, email, and text notification options to remind a set funnel list or allow for opt-ins to get reminders.

Easily set up a booking calendar within the app and interested users who book an appointment and show up also get rewarded

Automated email marketing & push notifications

Rewards can be set for opening emails and even clicking on the link to be redirected to the site.

Get notified when new updates are available.

Analytics & tracking overview

Track where your leads are in the funnel process.

Send out email reminders using triggers with reward offers for leads to finish the process.

Group Chat

A Creator can set up a group chat with the option to make it open for the public's use or set it to private for a limited audience or select group. If set to private, a link will be generated to restrict access

Rewards for actions can be set such as being active in the chat or for inviting users into the chat within a set number of days.

Become a Creator

As a creator, you will be provided the tools to create your funnels and ads. You will also have the ability to set the point system for users to engage and complete tasks.

Once a funnel has been created, it will have to be activated to go live on the app. To do this, load up your wallet to pay out earned rewards.

Funnels can be shared publicly where anyone on the Internet can access and use. If set to private, a generated link can be shared to select audiences or groups.

Creators can also participate in the monthly top funnel rankings.

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Creator Funnel
Creator Funnel

Take Action and Earn Diamonds!!!

Earn Prosperity Diamonds (PD) for each action you take in the funnels. You can start claiming rewards when you hit the minimum withdrawal at 500 PD or $5




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