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How PF$ can help you?

Set your notification setting alerts for each funnel you opt in to. Alerts can
be through push notifications on mobile or email.

Earn Prosperity Diamonds (PD) for each ction you take in the funnels.

You can start claiming rewards when you git the minimum for withdrawal
at 500 PD or $5.

An "undistractable" news feed where you can scroll
through different popular and active funnels.

You can aslo visit the Advertising Portal section to look at different ads
and earn PD rewards for it. Filter only
what interests you.

Surprise for you!

Share funnels and ads you like on social media to collect Prosperity Diamonds

Forget scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. Scroll through your PF$ news
feed and get paid for it!

Prosperity Dimaond (PD) = $0.01

The minimum amount for withdrawal is 500 PD or $5

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is available to reward partners who promote PF$. Affiliates will earn a 2.% commission on all wallet loads PLUS 15% of membership fees. Commissions are recurring where applicable.

Other ways to earn

We continue to provide gamification features on all aspects of the app and as we continue to grow, watch out for more improvements
To start, these are a few of the reward systems in place.
Top 5 trending funnels/ads
Top 5 producing affiliates
The rewards will be based on how much is in the reward pool, which will be evenly distributed to the winners.
For the share pool rewards a total of 1% of every wallet load (PD purchase) splits 0.5% into each pool, Top trending funnels & top producing affiliates
Ranking Share of Pool
Future You 50%
Jennifer N. Gomez 20%
Larry R. Edson 15%
Sharon G. Barbagallo 10%
Sheryl R. Robinson 5%

User Reward

User Rewards Total Prosperity Diamonds Collected Reward
PF Badge Recognition Badge 500 PD $5
PF Badge Badge + PF$ Pen 5,000 PD $50
PF Badge Badge + PF$ Water Bottle 10,000 PD $100
PF Badge Badge + PF$ T-shirt 1,00,000 PD $1,000

Affiliate Reward

Based on membership totals held for two consecutive months minimum to qualify (number of direct referrals)

Rewards Members
PF Badge Recognition Badge + PF$ USB 10
PF Badge Badge + PF$ Powerbank 50
PF Badge Badge + Smartphone with PF$ case 150
PF Badge Badge + Laptop with PF$ laptop bag 300
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